Scarlett Stegman

Born in NYC and continues to reside in the boroughs


I'm an aspiring architect, currently in university working towards getting my B.Tech. Degree. My favorite architects are, Frank Lloyd Write, and Louis Kahn.


As a creative outlet, I find myself working on personal art projects, using the tedious, yet cathartic style of stippling. I'm hugely inspired by lowbrow art and pop surrealism art. Especially the art of Mark Ryden, Mab Graves, and Kukula 


My favorite leisurely things to do are having coffee at cafes on rainy days, and playing video games in bed.



2020 Bachelors in Architectural Technology 

          New York City College of Technology

Exhibitions & Festivals:

2017 - The Set NYC - Cosplay Fashion Show

2017 - The Set NYC - Chelsea Music: Arts Festival

2017 - Five Points Festival

2.07.18 - Con Artist Gallery NYC - Funsized [group show]

2.14.18 - Con Artist Gallery NYC - My Naughty Valentine [group show]

2.21.18 - Con Artist Gallery NYC - Mystery Flavor [group show]

2.28.18 - Con Artist Gallery NYC - Alphabet City [group show]

5.02.18 - Con Artist Gallery NYC - Only Bones [group show]

5.30.18 - Con Artist Gallery NYC - Pulp Fiction [group show]

8.08.18 - Con Artist Gallery NYC - Stippling [group show]